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Saving the Great Barrier Reef

10/14/2017 – A Week in Pictures


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For a group of people committed to intense soul searching, the residents of Great Vow monastery can be surprisingly light hearted. When it’s time to work or meditate, their discipline is impeccable – but they also know how to kick back and relax.

On Sunday afternoon, several residents went to a nearby farm to light a bonfire and dance

I’ve lived at the monastery now for about a month, and am starting to settle into the schedule. Rising before dawn every day doesn’t feel like torture anymore.

Walking past a Buddha statue in the rain

The view from the monastery can be breathtaking

Spending time in nature goes a long way to reducing stress and angst. Much of my free time is passed wandering beneath the silent forest canopy or admiring the sunsets.

Marimba concert!

Perhaps my biggest surprise so far was learning how talented people are. Tonight they held…

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Halifax Waterfront, Nova Scotia

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The World Today: How Mobile We Are!

People change location and adopt new countries more often then we might think.  

For a fascinating graphic illustrating the extent of those migrations along with some of their broader impacts click the following link:

Or check the following preview . . .


NASA Earth Observatory

How the internet using various technologies broadens our “horizons”.


Blue Ridge Mountains, October 2012

On a chilly and damp day 5 friends took to the road with one loyal husband as navigator. After a cozy night in the cottage the rain ended, the sun came out and we took the first of several hikes. Highlighs were visits to Penland School of CraftsWoody’s Chair Shop in Spruce Pine, and a lovely waterfall. For hiking pictures see my album on Facebook.

We even discovered a magnificent orange mushroom grouping called Chicken of the Woods, pictures by Birgit Pauli-Haack. Learn all about this amazing mushroom:   video   


Travels in 2010


While visiting  in Florida I went to the amazing Kennedy Space Center.  Some pictures to capture the day:


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OCTOBER began with a meditation retreat at the Buddhist Shambhala Mountain Center north of Denver, Colorado.

I am learning  Shambhala Buddhist meditation. After reading Pema Chodron’s When Everything Falls Apart I got a “pillow” and followed instructions. I was clumsy but I liked it, and was further encouraged by Sakyong Mipham’s book Turning the Mind into an Ally. So I registered for this beginners’ retreat. The setting was beautiful, the weather bright and brisk, and the retreat was  more than I hoped for.

Share the feel of the center in these pictures:



Daughter Catherine and I visited Taliesin in Spring Green, Wisconsin, Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio. I was amazed at the quality of Catherine’s cell phone photos, shown in this slideshow:

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Read this before you go to Malta!

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