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That stands for Save-Organize-Share  –  the basic functions of a simple blog or website such as this one.

You are reading a WordPress site that I built and maintain entirely by myself.  It illustrates some of the many features available, and it offers encouragement to the adventuresome non-tech (like me) who wants to give it a try.  It’s not fancy, and I struggle sometimes. But I love it!!

On the right you will find my other sites listed, some on different platforms for comparison. (To illustrate my skill level, 2 of them are “gone” now, but I haven’t figured out how to delete them from the list. Working on that…)

All work is my own, and all my sites are free except this one,  a splurge at $8/month. That includes many extras such as a domain, some of which I will access eventually.

Do give it a try! WordPress offers many, many free sites. And the free help system and user forum are great. I understand there are even some YouTube lessons.

Best wishes, Mary

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