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1/27/2017 – Was It Worth It?

Seun's Skeleton Blog

It’s been a long, long journey to this vantage point. I feel like a pilgrim standing on top of a mountain ridge, looking down at the trail behind and up at the peak ahead. I can’t say that I’ve arrived at my destination, so much as reached a good place to stop for a while.

Eight years ago, when I began this blog, I was a young and newly-minted attorney who had just received a terrifying diagnosis of two rare and aggressive blood cancers. I set out to find a life-saving donor, not only for myself but for others who – due to their ethnic heritage – were unlikely to ever find a match. I wanted to recruit 10,000 donors to the worldwide registry, start a new donor registry in Nigeria, and use the Olympics as a platform to create awareness.

I eventually accomplished all three goals. Just this past…

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